Construction zones are a well-known location for car accidents, which is why most construction companies take care to put up ample signs and warnings—and why many states, including California, impose additional fines and penalties for speeding and other traffic infractions in construction sites.

However, passing traffic is not the only risk in construction zones. The construction area itself can pose dangers due to the negligence of the construction companies or other parties, and these dangers can in turn cause serious accidents and injuries for those passing through the site. Here are some of the ways in which a construction site itself can cause car accidents.

Inadequate Signs or Spacing

Signs, construction barrels, lighting, lines, and concrete barriers are all used to guide traffic safely through a construction site. When these items are missing, defective, or placed inappropriately, serious injuries can result. For example, a construction site that does not have adequate signs or lighting may confuse oncoming drivers, who will not know where to drive until it is too late to prevent an accident. Even if signs and lighting are adequate, they may leave insufficient space for cars, or for large vehicles like trucks, to pass or navigate corners or curves without causing a serious accident.

Construction Worker Negligence

Construction is a dangerous job, which means construction workers must use due care to protect not only their own safety and that of their crew, but also the safety of traffic that must travel through or near the construction site. Failing to pay attention to the location of equipment or people can result in a vehicle hitting a worker or another piece of equipment, causing injuries both to those working the site and to those in the vehicle.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that occurred in a construction zone, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced California car accident injury lawyer who can help you determine exactly who was responsible and seek compensation from the appropriate sources.