Heavy rain falling for an hour or even just half an hour can create flooded roads and hazardous road conditions. This flash flood usually impacts a specific area and the National Weather Service will issue a flash flood warning as it occurs or if it is imminent in your area.

Recently, areas of California were issued flash flood warnings as thunderstorms dumped heavy rain across areas of the state. The flash-flooding left vehicles stranded, roadways covered and created debris flows. As mud and rocks were moved due to the flooding, roads were closed for public safety.

It is these types of conditions that make it vital to move to safe ground as soon as possible if you are in a flash flood area. Unfortunately, this means venturing out in potentially dangerous weather in order to remain safe.

This typically means using your car to move to higher ground or to an area not impacted by the heavy rainfall. While certain situations might warrant staying inside no matter what, it is possible to safely navigate a flash flood in a car.

Shallow, Slow and Safe

Statistics say that 80 percent of flood deaths occur in vehicles. This happens because drivers try to navigate through deep flood waters, damaging their vehicle and/or rendering them useless.

In order to remain safe when driving in a flash flood, it is important to know what different levels of water can do to your vehicle. For starters, six inches of water reaches the bottom of many passenger cars. This can cause stalling and loss of control when driving.

If the water level reaches a foot, small cars and sedans will most likely end up floating. Higher vehicles like trucks and SUVs might still have a chance to make it through. But if the water hits two feet then most vehicles, including SUVs and trucks, can end up carried away.

You should also keep in mind that it might be difficult to gauge exactly how flooded a roadway might be. Sticking to evacuation routes will help you know the road is high enough for travel. Avoid shortcuts and do not go around any barriers or cones emergency services might have put up. They are there to keep you and other motorists safe.

Lastly, if possible, avoid driving at night during a flash flood. The lack of light can make it difficult to recognize any hazards created by the flash flood.

Chino Hills Lawyer Helps with Car Accident Claims

Flash floods can be dangerous and cause car accidents and injuries to those trying to drive during one. Pending on your insurance, you might be covered for flood damage, but you can be certain your insurance adjuster will not make your claim easy. They are in it to help the insurance company, not you.

That is why consulting an experienced car accident lawyer can go a long way in making sure your claim is successful. Here in California, The Paris Firm, is ready and able to assist you with your claim. They will work with your insurance company to get your vehicle replaced or repaired and make sure you are not taken advantage of.

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