Being informed about the different types of car accidents is very important today, especially because of how dangerous some of them can be compared to others. While some types of car accidents are much worse than others, the ones that are typically fatal are the least likely to happen. Knowing what the different types of accidents are can easily help you keep an eye out while on the road, so that if something does not look right, you may be able to avoid a life-ending crash.

Head-on Collisions

Typically regarded as the worst type of car accident to get into, most of these types of accidents result in a fatality. Even going at a speed of 35 miles per hour, if you run into another car going the same speed, the force of the impact feels much differently. Unfortunately, most of these accidents happen at faster speeds. If you are driving and see a car coming into your lane, by all means possible find a way to get out of its path. Whether that means to take the ditch or slam on the brakes, just about any accident besides a head-on collision can likely be less devastating.

T-Bone­ Collisions

T-Bone collisions are often regarded as the next bad accident behind a head-on collision. For those who are unaware, a T-Bone collision occurs when one driver hits a car with their front of the car going into the side of another car. This is normally very bad when the side of the car that the first driver hits is the driver’s side. However, it can also be bad if they hit the passenger side of the car, if the other driver is carrying a passenger. If going fast enough, the passenger could potentially be crushed.

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