If there is one practical thing California is notorious for, it is traffic. Many people are on the road at any given time, increasing the likelihood that a car accident will happen.

In fact, the most recent statistics show that 490,168 car crashes were reported in the state in 2016. These accidents resulted in 3,842 deaths and 278,585 injuries. California accounts for a whopping 12 percent of the nation’s automobile-related deaths.

So what exactly leads to these car accidents each year? Read on to learn about the common causes of car accidents from our auto injury lawyers!

Negligent Actions Cause Harm

The cause behind car accidents can be summed up under the category of negligence. A motorist’s negligent actions lead to accidents on the road. Common negligent actions include:

  • Impaired driving – driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is considered impaired driving. In 2016, drivers tested positive for some type of drug in 32 percent of fatal crashes in California. Meanwhile, alcohol-related deaths have increased 36.8 percent since 2011.
  • Speeding – everyone has somewhere to be and many prioritize their schedule above others on the road. This leads to speeding, which is the cause of many car accidents. In California, speeding-related fatalities have increased 17.5 percent since 2011.
  • Distracted driving – this is a big cause of car accidents across the state and the country. From checking your texts or emails on your phone, to messing with your GPS or other controls in your vehicle, anything that takes your concentration away from driving safely is considered distracted driving.

Car accidents are never convenient and often result in injury or even death. While some smaller accidents can result in minor to no injuries, serious car accidents can result in life-altering injuries. These catastrophic injuries can be paralysis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and broken or fractured bones.

These types of injuries tend to require ongoing medical care, surgery or multiple surgeries, and even therapy. If you or a loved one ended up injured in a car accident because of a negligent driver, you should not have to be responsible for paying those costs. Fortunately, there are experienced car accident lawyers available for you.

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