Having your brakes go out while you are driving is a situation you hope to never be in. For starters, it is a startling feeling and you should not feel bad about feeling that initial panic. Your brakes are something you expect to work every time you start your car. They have worked up until that point, so it is not insane to be surprised when they stop working suddenly. Unfortunately, this situation occurs more often than you would think. That is why it is important to know what to do should you find yourself in the same scenario.

Remain Calm And Focused

The most important tip for properly handling your brakes failing is to remain as calm as possible. Again, it is okay to feel that initial shock, but you should do your best to collect yourself, breathe and concentrate on remaining safe. Staying calm will go a long way in avoiding an accident. If you feel like your brakes have gone out you should try them again as you should still have some semblance of stopping power. This is because most vehicles are equipped with a dual braking system that controls the rear and front brakes of your care separately.

When the front or the rear brakes go out, you will feel a significant change in your stopping power but you should still be able to come to a stop. Apply strong, consistent pressure to the brake pedal to see if you can slow down.

When To Use The Emergency Brake

If you have indeed lost enough braking power that stepping on the pedal does not help you stop, you could also apply the emergency brake. This also acts independently from the rest of your vehicle’s brakes. You should carefully apply the emergency braking system to help your vehicle slow to a stop.
When you feel your vehicle getting close to stopping you should do your best to direct yourself off the road and out of harm’s way. Utilize your turn signals or hazard lights to let others on the road know your intentions.

You should also keep your car running until you have come to a complete stop. This way you still have the aid of power steering and you will avoid your steering wheel locking into place. Once you are safely off the road and have come to a stop, you should get roadside assistance by calling the company you have normally used in the past in cases of needing your vehicle towed.

Car Accident Attorneys Help Clients in Cali

Hopefully, you are lucky enough to walk away from that type of scenario without suffering some kind of accident or collision — something many people are not so fortunate to experience. If you or a loved one end up in a car accident and are injured, then you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer. In California, the place to turn to is The Paris Firm in Chino Hills. The personal injury law firm handles all types of car, truck and motorcycle accidents as well as injuries ranging from scrapes and bruises to traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.

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The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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