A school bus en route to Mark Twain Middle School in Los Angeles is the subject of a chain-reaction crash that has left four children injured. According to local law enforcement, the crash occurred in South Los Angeles at Normandie and 66th street at about 6:50 a.m. The primary cause of the accident was an unidentified reckless driver who ignored a stop sign on 66th street and hastily sped into traffic, causing drivers to frantically swerve to avoid a head on collision. One of the cars that tried to clear the path of the reckless driver was a white SUV, which found itself in the direct path of the school bus after moving into its lane. In turn, the bus driver swerved abruptly to avoid the oncoming SUV. This maneuver ultimately let to the bus driver hitting two parked cars, dragging one of them out on the road for over 50 feet in the process.

According to local police, the driver who ignored the stop sign fled the scene before being identified by authorities or witnesses. Authorities are still hard at work searching for any clues that could lead to the apprehension of the driver. The school bus driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment though the extent of his injuries have not been disclosed. As for passengers, four children riding the bus were hurt, though according to the police, the injuries were not serious. Exact details of their injuries and what makes said injuries classify as “minor” have also not been released.

As a parent, sibling, legal guardian or any role that leaves a person in charge of a child, few things are more harrowing than the thought of their child’s safety being compromised. It’s hard to imagine sending a child to school in a trusted mode of transportation like a school bus, only to find out that something potentially life threatening has happened. Parents and guardians alike trust that their child can make it to and from school on public transport unharmed but sometimes, reckless drivers have other plans. Minor injuries or not, accidents like this can be a major inconvenience. At best, an incident like this can bring about unwanted hospital bills, doctors bills, and more just for a simple checkup. Nobody needs that.

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