This is one of the most common questions presented to personal injury attorneys after a victim has sustained injuries in an accident. However, it is one that can only be answered with the help of an experienced lawyer.

A lawyer needs to evaluate your claim in full to identify whether or not you are able to file a case to begin with. In order to file a personal injury claim in California, you must be able to illustrate that the other driver breached his or her duty of care to you and that you sustained injuries as a result.

Beyond this point, there are many different factors that will influence the amount of compensation to which you are entitled. First of all, you must have a realistic picture of the injuries received in the accident because this will help your attorney get a better perspective on the type of medical care required and how long you may be suffering from such injuries. The more severe your injuries, the more likely you are to recover a greater amount of compensation.

If your injuries are such that you will never be able to fully recover from them and it will have your life always affected in some way by them, you are more likely to recover a higher amount of compensation. There are other various factors involved in the determination of your California vehicle accident claim recovery amount, but the medical conditions you have developed as a result of the accident are some of the most important.

If you believe that you may have grounds for a personal injury claim, you need to evaluate your options by scheduling a free consultation with an experienced injury attorney today. No one wants to find themselves in the possession of having to recover while worrying about the financial obligations of being involved in an accident, but hiring a lawyer now will give you the chance to get the treatment that you need while knowing that a lawyer is working on your behalf.

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