A fatal crash on the Northbound 241 toll road has left a Good Samaritan dead in a tragic accident. According to the California Highway Patrol, the incident occurred at noontime when two cars, a Honda and a Chrysler had crashed into each other after losing control in the rainy, slick weather. Spotting the accident, a Good Samaritan parked his car and tried to run to the aid of the victims in the crash. Tragically, while the man made his way to the cars to help, a rogue white Kia had lost control in the weather and hydroplaned ultimately striking him down. Names of those involved in the crash have not been released.

Anaheim police officials state the Kia’s driver cooperated as best he could in giving details of the fatal accident before being rushed by paramedics to a nearby hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. Exact details regarding the kind of injuries he sustained have yet to be released. As for the drivers of the Honda and Chrysler that the Good Samaritan was trying to reach, they managed to evade injury and both remain completely unharmed. After an extensive blockade along the highway which lasted a couple hours, roads were fully reopened at about 2pm.

It’s always tragic to hear of someone simply trying to help being caught in the crosshairs of an accident that takes their life. Sadly, cases like these are all too common. A brave, compassionate passerby will selflessly try to help someone in danger only to end up in danger themselves. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are over 90 deaths on the road per month in traffic accidents. That number doesn’t even take into account the countless more who become injured. In fact, these numbers have grown in a recent two-year period and are predicted to only increase in the future. Be it an injury or a wrongful death, these events can be devastating to the loved ones they leave behind. Even at its best outcome, a victim will normally have to visit a hospital for further inspections.

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