Being involved in a serious auto accident can turn your life upside down particularly if you’re not sure what to do to protect yourself. Thankfully there are some tips that you can implement immediately after being involved in an accident that can increase your chances of success and ensure that you receive the appropriate medical attention.

Contact The Police

Contacting the police is important for filing a police report and also for getting emergency responders to the scene. Even if you do not believe that you have been significantly impacted by severe injuries in an accident, it is important to be evaluated fully by a medical professional.

Some of the most alarming auto accident injuries cannot be identified at the scene of the accident or with a naked eye. For example, anyone who has sustained a TBI or a concussion may not receive a diagnosis for these medical conditions until they have gone to the hospital. Getting first responders and police on the scene helps to clear the accident area and decrease the chance of further accidents.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Many people make the mistake of assuming that their car insurance company will protect them in the event of an accident. Even after years of being a loyal policyholder, your insurance company may try to minimize or deny the claim entirely. They can even try to get a statement or release signed by you that absolves their responsibility to pay the claim. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer at your side to assist you with these issues as soon as possible.

Collect And Organize Evidence From The Accident

Ideally, you will have collected witness names, pictures and videos of the accident scene and other details that can help to illustrate the strength of your personal injury case. These should always be evaluated in full by a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

Your attorney can begin to prepare a compelling case that will assist you with the recovery of compensation due to you as an accident victim. Trying to manage a case like this on your own could expose you to potential mistakes and risks and you may not realize these issues until it is too late. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer right away will help.

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