A terrifying auto accident on the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles resulted in significant injuries to at least one motorist.

The car crash was captured on film by a professional videographer who happened to be driving on the freeway in South LA during the early morning hours on New Year’s Day. According to authorities, Austin Raishbrook was headed northbound on Interstate 110 (also known as the Harbor Freeway) and approaching the Florence Avenue exit around 3:30 a.m. when he saw a black SUV stopped in the far-left lane. Raishbrook noticed that the SUV’s lights were turned off and that it looked to have stalled on the roadway. Moreover, the video company owner later told law enforcement, the SUV appeared to be “completely blacked out.” Wanting to help, Raishbrook aimed his strobe light at the vehicle so that other motorists could see the stalled car. He also turned on his emergency lights so that other motorists would know to slow down as they got closer.

Raishbrook had been working as a videographer the previous night, so he had his camera on him at the time of the car accident. This allowed him to capture a video of the auto accident. The video shows two cars traveling at extremely high speeds and side-swiping the stalled SUV. Almost immediately after the collisions, another car slammed into the back of the SUV. The force of impact caused the SUV to strike the center divider and sparked a fire.

Raishbrook saw the flames and immediately sprung into action by running toward the burning motor vehicle, opening the driver’s side door, and pulling the driver out of the car and away from the dangerous fire. The heroic man later said that the driver was unconscious and slumped over the steering wheel when he grabbed him and pulled him to safety.

California Highway Patrol officers, Los Angeles Fire Department firefighters, and emergency medical responders rushed to the accident scene and briefly treated the victim before taking him to a nearby Los Angeles hospital. His injuries reportedly included lacerations and a broken rib. The accident victim was treated at the medical facility and later listed in stable condition, with authorities indicating that he was fully expected to survive.

Stalled Cars Pose Dangers On California Highways

In this case, the accident victim was lucky that a good samaritan happened to be on the highway when the crash occurred. Otherwise, it is very possible that the motorist would have died as a result of the multi-vehicle accident and subsequent car fire.

The Harbor Freeway accident provides a stark example of what can happen when a car stalls on a busy road or highway. The reality is that cars can suddenly shut down on the road for any number of reasons. When this happens, it is imperative that the driver make sure to alert other motorists to the presence of the stalled car. This is especially important when it is dark outside, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, because drivers of other vehicles will have difficulty noticing the stalled automobile and may not have enough time to stop before a collision.

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