There are plenty of myths that surround personal injury lawsuits, and as a result of believing these myths, many victims do not receive the compensation they are entitled to. In fact, believing these myths may stop victims from pursuing a possible personal injury claim. On the other extreme, some victims that believe personal injury lawsuit myths may have unrealistic expectations of what they can receive from their case.

Neither of these situations is a good one. Approaching and handling a personal injury lawsuit should be done in a logical and realistic manner. Avoiding myths and other nonsensical ideas is a good place to start. Going to leaders in the field is another.

So, what are some of the biggest myths when it comes to personal injury lawsuits?

Myth: Attorneys can tell you the exact amount in compensation you will receive.

A personal injury lawyer cannot give you definitive dollar amount on what you will receive from a personal injury claim. Your personal injury lawyer can give you an idea of what you can receive in compensation, but that many change later on, either for better or worse.

Myth: I must spend numerous days in court to reach a settlement.

Many victims in a personal injury lawsuit are unaware that many cases never go to court. Of course, when battling against a large company, you may have to go to court to receive compensation. Those cases could last a long time.

The biggest advantage to settling out of court is the expense. The length of the case can also be cut down, which will change the expense you must pay after a settlement is reached in court.

Myth: I can file a lawsuit whenever I want and don’t have to rush.

In California, you have up to two years to file a lawsuit in a personal injury law case. The law allows just two years to prevent people from experiencing an accident and suing a business, person or organization years down the line.

Myth: I’ll receive my compensation as soon as I file the lawsuit.

Although you may want a personal injury lawsuit to end quickly, it will take much longer to settle. Sure, you can settle early, but most times you will be settling for less money.

There are three reasons a personal injury case can take a while to settle: there are problems with the case on either side, there is a lot of money at stake, and you have not had the opportunity to fully recover from your injuries.

Myth: Personal injury claims are made by people seeking a lot of money for nothing.

People seeking compensation through a personal injury claim have experienced real injuries. There injuries have occurred through some kind of neglect on the part of the defendant. Many people cite the McDonald’s Coffee Case as the first of thousands of frivolous personal injury lawsuits that have followed. Yet, what is often overlooked in these stories is the injury, pain and suffering the victim goes through. Add in the loss in wages and the ability to work in the future, and personal injury lawsuits are far from frivolous.

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