California highways, and particularly highways that run through Los Angeles, are notorious for being congested with traffic and posing serious risks to motorists. In the worst cases, an auto accident on a highway or freeway can lead to significant physical injuries and even death.

Traffic jams may be a part of life for many California residents, but that doesn’t mean that motorists should feel helpless while traveling on one of the state’s highways or freeways. Drivers should always remain alert, especially during traffic jams when the traffic is bumper to bumper and slows down to a crawl. That’s because distracted driving accidents are more likely when motorists take their eyes off the road, even for a second, while using electronic devices such as cell phones. Additionally, other drivers can easily become frustrated when traffic comes to a standstill on the highway, leading to road rage accidents.

One of the best preventative measures a driver can take in California is to know which highways are the most dangerous – and then avoid traveling on these roads during rush hour. Here are some of the deadliest highways in California that motorists should be aware of:

Interstate 15

I-15 is frequently used by motorists who want to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It has been named as one of the most dangerous highways in the entire country, with the U.S. Department of Transportation indicating that nearly 500 people died in I-15 accidents over a period of 14 years.

Interstate 5

An intersection known as “The Merge” on I-5 poses significant risks to motorists because the total number of lanes suddenly decreases, leaving drivers with very little time to adjust.

Highway 70

Highway 70 runs for approximately 27 miles and is often a frustrating road to travel on because of constant construction projects that require motorists to frequently hit the brakes. Additionally, the stretch of highway that runs through Yuba County is often used by trucks carrying heavy machinery and other equipment to and from local farms, which can lead to scary truck accidents.

Highway 49

Sharp curves on Highway 49 can be treacherous for some drivers to navigate. This is especially true of larger vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, that need to be slowed down very suddenly when coming upon a curve in the roadway.

Highway 299

Highway 299 runs for roughly 45 miles and does not always have a barrier to protect motorists who lose control of their vehicles and swerve off the road.

Interstate 10

Anyone traveling on I-10 needs to exercise extreme caution because traffic can become congested at almost any time of day. Even if you are not using one of these deadly California highways, you should be cautious both before and during your daily commute. Take a look at road reports and weather reports prior to getting behind the wheel of your motor vehicle so that you will have some idea of what to expect on the highway.

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