Two people were tragically killed in a car accident on a road in Palmdale, California.

The crash occurred just before 6:30 p.m. near the intersection of 25th Street East and Joshua Hills Drive in Palmdale, CA. The victims were in a yellow 2014 Chevrolet Camaro and headed south on 25th Street East when the driver suddenly lost control and crashed into a traffic pole.

The Camaro split in two upon impact with the traffic signal, with pieces of the destroyed vehicle subsequently being strewn across the roadway. A law enforcement official later said that the Camaro “pretty much disintegrated.”

Police officers and emergency medical responders rushed to the scene, where they saw the scary aftermath of the accident. The driver, a 54-year-old man, and the passenger, his 17-year-old daughter, sustained catastrophic injuries in the high-speed collision. They were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, with emergency crews unable to do anything to save their lives.

Officers with the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station, which is part of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), investigated the fatal accident and reportedly determined that the adult driver of the Camaro may have been speeding just before losing control of the car.

Additionally, investigators spoke with witnesses and learned that the driver of the Chevy Camaro may have been racing another vehicle when the accident occurred. According to people who witnessed the collision, the other car involved in the high-speed street race drove off without bothering to offer assistance or notify authorities. The Palmdale Station Traffic Department is still actively investigating the crash.

Meanwhile, family members of the two accident victims needed to deal with the tragic loss of their loved ones. They also had to deal with the harsh but necessary reality of covering the costs of a funeral, which reportedly led to the creation of a GoFundMe page online.

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