A Long Beach resident has reportedly been killed in a hit and run accident. According to law enforcement officials, the incident occurred when Jackie Morris, aged 77, was struck down by a sedan while crossing the street at the 600 block of Redondo Avenue in Long Beach at approximately 6 a.m. Much like the other seniors who lived in her senior apartment complex, Morris would walk to the nearby shopping plaza for groceries and general errands.

The security cameras of a nearby restaurant, Waba Grill, captured footage of the incident. Greg Adler, who owns the restaurant, turned the footage over to law enforcement officials for further investigation. According to Adler, the driver did not slow down before ultimately hitting Morris, nor did the driver hesitate or stop until about 50 feet from the scene where the car showed some hesitation before ultimately speeding away, leaving Morris for dead.

Morris’ daughter Shayla Williams learned about the accident via Facebook and upon arriving at the scene reportedly collapsed on the sidewalk when police confirmed her mother was the victim. Distressed, Williams was quoted saying, “ Who did this? Why would you not pull over? Why would you leave my mother lying in the middle of the street just like an animal? You could have stopped.”

Police are still searching for the driver. Williams, along with Morris’ family are reportedly distressed and urge the driver to come clean. “I just want the person to come forward. It could be your mother, it could be your grandmother,” Williams pleaded. “You’re a murderer. You killed my mother, a 77-year-old woman with grandkids.”

Few situations can be as distressing as hit and run incidents. These incidents are unfortunately very common. In fact, according to information gathered by the California Highway Patrol, over 1,500 people are killed in hit and run accidents each year. Like Morris, almost 60% of the victims are pedestrians. Incidents like these can not only kill but also leave behind a broken, distressed family.

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