Getting into an accident with a taxicab should not be regarded differently than getting into an accident with a standard car. After all, it’s still simply just another driver. The only difference tends to be that the taxicab driver is driving for work. However, if a person is injured in a taxicab accident, there are a few different steps that should be taken depending on the details of the accident itself.

If a person is injured in a taxicab as a result of an accident that happened between the taxicab driver and another car, liability often falls on the taxicab driver or the driver of the other car, depending on which party caused the accident. Passenger claims can be tricky, as both parties often fight over who should take liability for the passenger. It’s an insurance dispute that that could result in delayed or diminished compensation for the passenger.

If a person gets into a standard car crash with a taxicab, this is simply a standard car accident. The party at fault is determined and the case goes from there. With this type of accident, it is best to follow the standard guidelines of a car accident. One should take the cab driver’s name, car or license number, and the name of the cab service they work for. In addition, medical attention should be called if needed, as well as law enforcement.

The injuries that can be sustained in a taxicab accident, be it as a driver or passenger, can be devastating. Regardless of how the accident occurred, you want a personal injury lawyer on your side. If you or a loved one have been injured in a taxicab accident, don’t wait. Contact the experienced, aggressive personal injury lawyers at The Paris Firm today to schedule your case consultation. Contact online or by phone at (909) 325-6185.