How Dangerous is Faulty Wiring?

The modern world runs on electricity. It is a part of our daily lives. Electricity lights up our homes, it powers our computers, charges our computers, and it keeps much-needed medical devices operating. Electric circuits and wires that carry electricity have seemingly gone largely unchanged for all the advancements in technology. And though we’ve taken steps to harness the power of electricity and make it safer, accidents still regularly happen both at home, in public, and in the workplace. For, while electricity remains a powerful and much relied upon form of energy, like other types of energy, it is not without its dangers. And when those forces are left exposed and vulnerable, they put people at risk.

When exposed to faulty wiring, people can unknowingly be in danger of experiencing dangerous electric shocks that can cause serious injuries.

The most common injuries caused by faulty wiring include:

  • Electrical burns, which can be so severe that they leave a victim permanently scarred or disabled.
  • Electric shock, wherein the injured victim may lose consciousness and spasm. This may appear similar to seizures.
  • Thermal burns, which are related to the fires that electrical hazards can cause, burn and singe the skin of those who come too close.

We’ve harnessed the power of lightning to illuminate our homes and power our lives, and there is beauty in that ingenuity, but there is also danger. While the precautions we have in place often protect us from those dangers, sometimes these precautions are poorly implemented, or they’re allowed to age and outlive their usefulness. Electrical wires are often coated in rubber – a rubber that can harden and flake away, in some cases, exposing the dangerous wires underneath to unsuspecting individuals.

In addition to the physical damage that it can do to a person, faulty wiring can pose a threat to a piece of property as well. Bad wiring has been responsible for explosions, fires, chemical burns, defective products, and even forest fires.

What Are the Possible Long-Term Effects of Injuries Caused by Electric Shock?

Electric shocks often affect the human nervous system. They can cause blackouts, seizures, short-term amnesia, and slurred speech. But electric shock also poses long-term side effects, which victims have to be especially wary of or risk worsening their quality of life.

The electric shock can even cause psychological disorders and changes in mood or behavior. And if the electric charge passes through the eyes, it may cause cataracts to develop rapidly.

Faulty wire accidents can leave victims in a general sense of pain with little hope for relief. Their body simply aches.

Electric shock can damage muscles, resulting in joint stiffness, muscle pain, and spasms. Arthritis may develop earlier for victims of electric shocks. In extreme cases, the electric shock has also been known to cause paralysis.

In addition to all the rest, victims may potentially experience seizures, migraines, ringing in their ears, anxiety, PTSD, feelings of numbness, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

What Are Warning Signs of Faulty Wiring?

The warning signs may already be too late for victims of faulty wiring accidents. But in an effort to protect people from falling victim to similar injuries, here are a few indicators of dangerous faulty wires.

Visibly damaged or frayed wiring is the most obvious clue of a dangerous threat of electricity. Do not touch unless the power is off and you’ve taken proper safety precautions.

If fuses are frequently being blown, there may be an issue worth investigating with the wiring in place.

Many of us use surge protectors and power strips to increase the number of outlets available to us, but these messes of wires can threaten safety.

If you see a wire leading into an outlet of any sort, and the area around where it is plugged into a wall or box is scorched or discolored, there may be something wrong with the wiring.

Can Victims Sue for Injuries Caused by Faulty Wiring?

Similar to any other personal injury lawsuit, if the injured victim is able to prove another party’s negligence, recklessness, or defective manufacturing was the cause of the faulty wiring accident, then they may have a solid case. To better ensure the chances of arguing a solid case and recovering maximum compensation, it is highly recommended that faulty wiring victims seek professional legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney.

With a strong case, you may be able to recover economic and non-economic damages in your financial settlement. These damages could cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, emotional pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, and wrongful death.

Not every accident involving an electrocution can establish the fault needed for a legal case. For more information about your unique case, speak with personal injury lawyers today. Be sure to talk with a lawyer immediately because there is typically a two-year statute of limitations.

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