An Uber has been tragically killed in a high-speed car crash in South Los Angeles. According to officials at the The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Kevin Moran, a 24-year-old Los Angeles man was driving under the influence at high speeds before running a red light at Arlington Ave and Martin Luther King Blvd. and crashing into another vehicle. The other vehicle was driven by 52-year-old Folesha Parker-Iverson, an Uber driver who was on her route.

Considering the nature of the accident, and laws regarding repeat DUI offenders, Moran could be facing charges of both murder and hit-and-run-driving, resulting in the death of another person. He is currently awaiting trial but could be facing a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted. His bail is currently set at $2 million and Moran is awaiting trial as the LAPD continues its investigation.

Despite best efforts of private and public campaigns, driving under the influence is simply a staple of life these days. The irresponsibility of people who drive under the influence largely affects those around them in rather devastating ways. According to research conducted by the Center for Disease Control and prevention, over 9,967 people are killed in DUI car accidents around the country every year. Over 3,500 of those deaths occur in California alone. Despite usually affecting pedestrians, No matter how careful a sober driver is, it can unfortunately be no match for a reckless, impaired drive these kinds of accidents largely affect other drivers. As driving services like Uber grow, we may more see tragic cases like this in the future. Nobody should have to suffer a tragic fate like this simply for doing their job or making money on the side, especially when using the service could prevent a tragic accident like this to begin with.

DUI accidents can be devastating whether the accident results in death or whether personal injury occurs. If you or a loved one have recently experienced personal injury, or if a loved one has been killed in a DUI accident, let an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer take your case.  If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or if you lost someone in a car accident, do not wait. Contact The Paris Firm right away for your free consultation.