Not every car accident will require the assistance of law enforcement. Many just involve an exchange of contact information and insurance information and a phone call to your insurance company. But when police are involved there will always be some sort of police report generated. It is usually written up by the investigating officer who responds to a request for assistance at the scene of a car accident. So what does a police report entail, how does your insurance company use it and is it inadmissible in court?

Police Reports Provide Details

A police report is basically a summary of information regarding the car accident. It will have facts about the incident as well as opinions of the investigating officer. It will have information like the date, time and location of the accident, identifying information about the parties involved, information on the damage sustained to the vehicles, and statements from the parties and any witnesses. The police report will also include any citations or violations of law and the opinions as to what caused the accident and/or fault determination.

It is important to note that fault determinations are opinions of the police officer. Your insurance company will perform their own investigation and reach their own conclusion as to who is at fault. A police report will be requested by your insurance company. The information (facts) contained in a police report serves as a valuable resource for their investigation.

Now, when it comes to court, police reports are typically permitted in small claims courts as evidence in your car accident case. At the state court level police reports might not be admissible under hearsay rules. When utilizing a police report following your car accident, you should definitely consult an experienced lawyer.

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