Few things are more fun than a day at the swimming pool, especially in the summer months. It can offer a great, refreshing reprieve from a day that’s just far too hot. But while the pool can be lots of fund it can also be dangerous for children. According to statistics reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is a leading cause among children ages one to four annually. That’s not even counting the thousands of children sent to the emergency room with injuries.

With just a few precautions however, most injuries can be avoided altogether. Below are five tips for keeping your children safe from swimming pool accidents:

Teach Your Children To Swim

The most important of all tips: make sure your child actually knows how to swim. If you cannot teach them yourself, many community centers offer swimming lessons as a service. Consider giving your child lessons. Learning how to swim greatly reduces risk of a swimming pool accident.

Supervise Your Child

Child safety begins with you. Never allow your children to play or swim near or in the pool unsupervised. When your children are playing in the pool, keep a watchful eye on them so as to protect them from any obstacles or dangers they may not immediately notice. Accidents happen quickly in a pool. Keeping an eye on them could greatly increase their safety.

Instruct Your Children

Whether they’re swimming in your own personal pool or a community pool, it is very important to go over basic safety rules with your children. Remind them not to run or roughhouse near the pool, explaining the dangerous of doing so.

Teach Children To Keep Away From Drains

Most pools have drain systems in place. These drains often trigger a child’s curiosity – remind your children that the drains are not a toy and to keep away from them. In some cases the drains may be damaged or faulty. If your kids play around a damaged drain or valve, they can become trapped by their clothes and drown.

Safety First

If you own a pool, it is absolutely imperative that you have safety devices available. First aid kits, floatation devices, and of course, knowledge of CPR techniques may be enough to avoid serious injury. Having this equipment and knowledge ready is essential for a safe swimming environment and will leave you prepared for nearly any kind of accident.

Following these simple tips can keep a fun activity from becoming a dangerous one. Despite our best efforts, sometimes accidents do happen. Improper chemical levels, faulty tiling, flimsy ladders or handrails, and other neglected pool features could lead to a catastrophic accident. If you or your child has experienced and injury in a swimming pool, you need to contact an experienced and aggressive attorney who can fight for you: contact the personal injury attorneys at The Paris Firm today for your free initial consultation. Call (909) 325-6185 or contact us online.

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