After a car accident, you may be facing mounting medical bills, car repair costs, and other expenses—while you’re also sitting at home healing from your injuries instead of earning the money you need to meet those bills. Moving your car accident settlement along quickly is one of your top priorities.

Start With the Report

California requires you to file a car accident report if any person was killed or injured or if the damage to anyone’s property is greater than $750. You, your attorney, or your insurance agent can report the accident by filing Form SR-1 (Report of Traffic Accident Occurring in California).

Talk To Your Insurance Company

In addition to reporting the accident, contact your insurance company, if you have not already done so. When you talk to your insurance adjuster, stick to the what, where, and when of the accident. Don’t talk about your injuries, even if asked. Saying “I think I’m fine” or “I feel better today” can come back to haunt you—and extend the time it takes to settle—if your adjuster assumes that you mean you weren’t seriously injured.

Keep Track of Your Expenses

Start a file for receipts, invoices, and other paperwork related to the expenses from your crash. Keep copies of every receipt or bill, track your mileage, and store other information related to your claim in this file. The easier it is to access this information, the better prepared you’ll be to respond to settlement offers and move your claim along.

Talk to an Attorney

Insurance companies often take their time reviewing your claim and deciding whether to deny it or to offer you some kind of settlement. To move the process along and protect your legal rights, an experienced car accident attorney can be one of your best allies. Your attorney can also make sure that any necessary lawsuit is filed before California’s two-year statute of limitations expires. Call The Paris Firm today at 909.551.4040 or fill out our convenient online contact form to learn more.


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