Even a seemingly minor car accident can leave you feeling sore and stiff the next day. Many people do not realize that it can take a day or two for the pain of a soft tissue injury to kick in. Neck and back injuries are among the most common pain complaints following a car accident. When left untreated, accident victims can develop additional problems. Chiropractic treatment offers significant relief for many people. However, you are understandably worried about the cost. So you may wonder, What happens to the chiropractor bill after a car accident claim settles?

Chiropractic treatment is an acceptable treatment option in California following a car accident. In fact, most car accident victims with soft tissue injuries see a chiropractor at least once. Chiropractic treatment is reasonably priced compared to some other options. However, bills still add up while you’re injured. After a car accident, who pays medical bills?

Like other medical treatments, the party who is at fault should be paying for your damages. However, the other driver’s insurance will try to reduce or eliminate their exposure. That means they will argue that you are primarily at fault for your injuries.

If you need assistance pursuing a car accident injury claim in California, let The Paris Firm help you. We have nearly three decades of experience assisting injured car accident victims just like you. We understand what a stressful time this is, especially after the bills start piling up and you become more and more concerned about who will be responsible for covering your medical expenses.

Does Health Insurance Cover a Chiropractor Bill After a Car Accident?

You might assume that your personal healthcare coverage will pay for any medical treatment you need due to the auto accident. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in California. Your healthcare company will not voluntarily cover payments on treatments that another party is responsible for paying. When you visit a doctor or chiropractor, they will ask how your injuries occurred. When they make notes in your file and enter billing codes, it can trigger a denial from your healthcare insurance company.

Your health insurance typically won’t cover costs for car accident-related treatments unless you have specific coverage. If they do cover the treatment, the insurance company might assert a lien against any settlement you receive. Your health insurance company expects repayment if you receive compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company. Some healthcare companies prefer this option because it’s relatively low-risk since all valid liens must be repaid before accepting the settlement funds.

Chiropractor Liens

Another option is for the chiropractor to not charge you for treatment up-front or as your treatments are underway. The provider may bill for all your therapy at once, assuming the responsible party will pay the chiropractor after the car accident settlement. Chiropractors routinely treat car accident victims for accident-related soft tissue injuries. Do not let the fear of being billed keep you from seeking treatment.

How a California Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

When you hire an attorney early in the claims process, we can immediately start protecting your rights. The skilled legal team at The Paris Firm knows the best chiropractors in California. If you have not started treatment on your own, we can recommend an excellent chiropractor. Hiring an attorney who thoroughly understands the claims process is essential. Your attorney may be able to keep the chiropractor from billing you right away. They may also be able to stop the chiropractor from sending the account to collections by convincing them to wait until the settlement check arrives.

Pure Comparative Negligence in California

Proving liability against the responsible party is crucial in these types of matters. California is a pure comparative negligence state. This law directly impacts how much compensation you can receive in a car accident settlement. The other driver’s insurance company will allege you share the responsibility or are entirely at fault for the accident. The insurance adjuster will haggle over liability, trying to place as much blame on you as possible.

When you are partially responsible, the law says you will not receive the total amount of your damages. Instead, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault you share. If a jury determines you are 20% at fault, you will only receive 80% of your damages. That’s 20% of your chiropractic treatment that might not be covered.

Having an experienced California car accident attorney on your side can make a difference. Your attorney may be able to negotiate a lower rate for your treatment. Or, they can make an agreement for the car accident settlement with the chiropractor to reimburse their outstanding bills as soon as your case resolves.

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If you sustained soft tissue injuries in a California car accident, The Paris Firm is ready to help. We’ve negotiated a chiropractor bill after a car accident many times. We will protect your rights and help you fight for the maximum compensation possible. After being injured due to someone else’s negligence, you should not have to avoid treatment because you are stressed about how you will pay the medical bills. You deserve full compensation for your injuries, so do not let the fear of medical costs keep you from getting the treatment you need. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about how we can help.