The fall is one of the more eventful times of the year, with big holidays from month to month. The end of October kicks off with Halloween and then November follows up with Thanksgiving while December features Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

These holidays are typically family driven, with many people going to great lengths to see loved ones and keep traditions going strong. The increase in travel mixed with precarious weather conditions can create scenarios where accidents are prone to happening.

Accidents On The Road

One common type of accident during the holiday season are car accidents. Weather during this time can create hazardous road conditions like flooding, snow, and ice. In addition, visibility worsens as the daylight hours become shorter and shorter.

With so many people traveling in vehicles and so many people out and about in search of gifts and holiday food, accidents between vehicles and pedestrians also see an increase. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the months of October, November and December make up 40 percent of the year’s pedestrian accidents.

Thanksgiving alone accounts for about 35 vehicle deaths and over 2,300 vehicle injuries each year. As you can imagine, alcohol plays a role in many of those deaths and injuries, accounting for 15 deaths and 425 injuries.

As a pedestrian, taking care when crossing streets and utilizing crosswalks by traffic lights is a great way to avoid an accident. Make sure to constantly be checking for vehicles as you cross the road.

When behind the wheel, you should always remained focused on driving and avoid distractions like cellphones, radio and climate controls, passengers, and the navigation system you might be using. You should also make sure your vehicle is properly equipped and in working order for the colder, winter weather. And remember, slow and steady can keep you safe.

Look Out For Slip And Fall Hazards

Aside from road-related accidents, the holiday season can bring about other types of incidents. Slip and fall accidents are quite common and can be increasingly so during the holiday season.

Poorly maintained sidewalks can be slippery and icy, making for poor footing and an unexpected hazard. People trudging into stores and other buildings from the snow or rain can create floors that are slick and easy to slip and fall on.

By law, a property’s owner is responsible for maintaining safe conditions for any that frequent their property. This means cleaning the sidewalks, drying wet floors and making people aware of potentially hazardous areas and conditions.

In order to avoid a slip and fall accident, you should remain focused and free from distraction when walking. That means putting your cell phone and reading any signs that may warn of dangers. If you do this but still end up injured because a negligent property owner failed to maintain safe conditions, you might have a premises liability suit on your hands.

For any type of accident that causes your or a loved one injury, you will need the expertise of a seasoned personal injury lawyer.

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