One of the biggest smoking trends in America today is the move toward e-cigarettes. Both new and longtime smokers have moved to e-cigarettes as a way to smoke a reportedly less harmful substance. Despite the move toward using e-cigarettes as a better option than traditional smoking methods, the devices still have their drawbacks.

E-cigarettes can malfunction while you use the device, and the electronic items have been known to explode in smokers’ hands. When e-cigarettes blow up they can so severely disfigure the user that hospitalization may be needed. Additionally, new investigation into the impact of e-cigarettes on health has revealed serious concerns for users.

Why Do People Use E-cigarettes?

There are two main reasons for people using e-cigarettes. The most important is the health factor, as vaping is thought to be far healthier than inhaling tar and harmful smoke. The cost of e-cigarettes versus traditional tobacco cigarettes is the other reason people have jumped on the trend. Savings depends on how much you smoke, but in California it can reach the thousands of dollars each year.

In 2015, it was reported you would be improving your life by vaping in both health and finances. Vaping is reportedly 95% healthier and 40% cheaper than traditional smoking.

Who uses e-cigarettes?

According to PBS, e-cigarette use is highest among young adults. Meanwhile, most older smokers continue to use traditional tobacco cigarettes. While malfunctions of e-cigarettes are becoming a concern, other health concerns have arisen around the safety of the electronic devices.

Once thought of as a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking, e-cigarettes are being scrutinized like never before. In 2015, NBC News reported on research that found high levels of formaldehyde in e-cigarettes. Many researchers believe it will still be some time before we know the real impact of e-cigarettes on health.

Popcorn Lung

Although e-cigarettes are being hailed as a healthy alternative, some users have developed something known as popcorn lung. E-cigarette flavoring contains the chemical diacetyl. The chemical causes scarring in the lungs that is irreversible. In 2016, 39 of 51 e-cigarette flavoring companies were found to have had the chemical in its vaping liquid.

E-cigarette Explosions and Malfunctions

A common malfunction that happens with e-cigarettes is the device blowing up. When you smoke a vaping device, the lithium ion batteries can become extremely hot. Once they become hot the device can explode in your hand, scarring your face permanently. When the devices overheat and blow up you can be left with second and third degree burns

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