Smartphones are fantastic tools that most people have. While these excellent devices connect people with friends and family alike, they can also be productive little powerhouses. From entertainment to work tools, a smartphone is absolutely indispensable. It’s not surprising then that there are also a wide variety of apps that can be use to improve one’s safety. Below are four apps that can improve safety:


Designed with college students and campus safety in mind, OnWatch is a free app for Android and iOS that can be used by anyone. The app has various features built in to notify campus police, 911 emergency services, and/or friends and loved ones if trouble occurs. One major feature is the ability to activate “Watch My Back”. This feature utilizes GPS and allows a trusted friend to follow the user’s whereabouts in real time.

Medical Id

Medical ID is an app that allows users to set their information, such as emergency contacts, allergens, medical conditions, and much more. This information can then be quickly accessed from the lock screen of the device without a password, allowing medical professionals a quick way to treat a victim and reach out to their emergency contacts. Medical ID is built into the iPhone and can be downloaded as a separate app for Android.

Family Locator

Family Locator is a tracking app that allows friends and families to keep track of each other using GPS technology. A live map appears with contact photos of corresponding friends. This app can be useful in tracking children of all ages and elderly loved ones who have a tendency to wander off.


WeatherBug is a fantastic app to keep handy in areas with unpredictable weather or during inclement weather. Beyond a standard weather app that is included with a smartphone, WeatherBug uses live radar maps to track weather with extended forecasts and weather alerts. Having this information live and to the minute can afford its user piece of mind and better information for planning.

These apps and more could save a person’s life if used the right way. Having a safety app of some kind on a smartphone is strongly recommended. After all, a smartphone is an extension of a person – it’s only fair that this extension contains vital information that could save that person’s life.

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