Technology is nothing short of amazing. There was a time when the future was filled with promises of flying cars. While the world is not quite there yet, the next best technology is currently available and gaining popularity: self-driving cars. These cars are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are built by some of the biggest companies in the world. But like any electronic device, these self-driving cars can have technological flaws and glitches. When they do, the results could be devastating.

It important to note that while there have been minor accidents involving self-driving cars, there has yet to be any major injuries or fatalities. That said, the few accidents that have occurred are raising cause for concern. As it stands, most self-driving cars operate on various levels that are selected by the driver. The higher the level, the less the driver has to do. In a sense, cars are not fully autonomous just yet, but technology suggests that full autonomy is where the plans are going.

Who Is Liable?

The main question to ask as cars become more autonomous: Who is liable? After all, an investigation would have to determine whether or not the car was driving itself at the time of the accident. Experts in the leading self-driving car stated that most accidents will be due to some form of human error.

As far as cars that are fully autonomous, such as ride sharing, maps, and delivery cars which have no drivers whatsoever, the liability is most likely to fall on the manufacturer of the car. As further advances and testing comes along, the law will likely follow suit and adapt. In the meantime, claims for accidents relating to self-driving cars are dealt with on a per-case basis.

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