In the midst of larger destruction and more prominent injuries that can occur in an accident, soft tissue injuries are often overlooked.  But despite being overlooked, these injuries can be among the most damaging, expensive, and in some cases, permanent.

Soft Tissue Injuries

A soft tissue injury is defined as damage to the muscles, ligaments, or tendons throughout the body. These injuries, if untreated, could have lasting and damaging effects on the body. Some of the most common soft tissue injuries are:


A sprain occurs when a ligament in suddenly stretched or torn. The tendon is a strong tissue that works to connect one bone to another. Strains often occur in the ankle, feet, knees or wrist as a result of a sudden movement usually while actively moving.


Strains are no unlike sprains in that they directly affect the muscle and tendons. But the main difference is that strains are tears in the muscle or tendon and could be partial or complete. Strains can have many painful results like welling, cramping, spams, and more. Strains are commonly the result of sports-related activities.


A contusion, more commonly known as a bruise, is a sudden hard impact to an area on the body. While the other skin may not break, the impact could cause a muscle or tendon injury. This could be from jamming, a car crash, sporting activity and other general impacts on the body.

Repetitive Motion

Soft-tissue injuries are not limited to one-time events. Muscle deterioration can occur by way of repetitive motion in the workplace. Typing, walking, heavy lifting, and other common repetitive tasks could create an injury over time.  Tendinitis, for example, occurs from repetitive motion to a common area thus causing inflammation and damage to the tendon. While this could be prevented or treated, without treatment, tendinitis could progress to the point of needing costly surgery to repair.

When an accident or injury occurs, those affected tend to focus on more obvious symptoms rather than soft-tissue injuries. The fact is that the effects of a soft-tissue injury may not be felt until well after the initial injury has occurred. It is important to seek thorough medical attention after an injury so as to catch a soft-tissue injury early on.

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