When a car accident occurs, common injuries that might occur include head and facial injuries, “whiplash” (also known as neck sprain), and lacerations from flying glass or other debris. However, a wide range of other injuries may also occur—many of which do not immediately come to mind when the ordinary person thinks about car accident injuries.

Here are three car accident injuries that deserve more attention and discussion:

Hand Injuries

Damage to the hands and wrists can easily occur as drivers and passengers are thrown forward in an accident and instinctively put their hands out to protect themselves. These injuries can do permanent damage that makes a wide range of activities, from writing to playing a musical instrument, difficult or impossible.

Hip Fractures

Most people assume that hip fractures are caused by falls, but car accidents can easily cause broken bones in the hips or pelvis. Like other types of hip fractures, those that occur during car accidents often require surgery and a lengthy period of rehabilitation to correct. Replacing the entire hip joint may be required.

Psychological Injuries

Post-traumatic stress and similar psychological injuries are not well understood in our popular culture, where many people assume they result from “weakness” and that injured people should “just get over it.” In fact, these injuries are every bit as real and damaging as physical injuries. Prompt and appropriate medical treatment is essential in order to address the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and to help a car accident victim overcome them. Fortunately, as research progresses in this area, more and more doctors are becoming aware of the symptoms and effects of post-traumatic stress and the appropriate treatments.

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