Getting in a car accident is no fun at all, and it can cause a lot of problems regarding whose fault it is. Though, in some cases, these accidents are caused by people who were driving drunk. If there is proof that the other party was driving drunk, there are often good civil cases that can be made, and you should be able to get the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents often are much worse because the driver who was drunk had impaired decision making, and made the accident more devastating than it could have been. If you are fortunate enough to be in a minor accident with a drunk driver, this can be great for your case.

First, make sure you have proof that the other driver was, in fact, under the influence. If there are no official records, it is hard to prove it in court, so make sure the police have confirmed that they were drunk; some people are just really bad drivers and may have appeared to be driving drunk based on their poor driving ability.

Next, and the important step that needs to be taken is to make the case. To make the case, the victim must establish the intoxication level of the drunk driver, prove that it was too high in the state of the accident, and then prove the defendant didn’t care about the public’s safety. From here, you essentially have a case that is going to be very hard to lose. It is important to find an attorney who is experienced in drunk driving accidents though, as getting the best lawyer possible will help you to create a better case.

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