Sidewalks were created to ensure a safe, designated space for pedestrians. Their function serves well in cities all around the United States. But just because these spaces were designed with safety in mind, it doesn’t mean that safety is always the case. A variety of hazards can affect the safety of a pedestrian. Below are five common ways sidewalks can be dangerous:

Poor Maintenance

Sidewalks require just as much maintenance as a road does. Overtime, a sidewalk may be prone to cracks and general states of disrepair. These cracks can create a trip and fall hazard, which could lead to a variety of severe injuries. Potholes, overgrown tree roots, and the effect of ice and snow overtime are all examples of poor maintenance that can result in injury.


Pedestrians constantly face the effects of debris on sidewalks. While some debris is at least understandable (plants and leaves blowing in, along with twigs, etc.) some debris and obstruction is just unacceptable. This could be children’s toys, bicycles, scooters, overflowing garbage and recycle bins and more.

Nearby Construction

Particularly in cities, pedestrians are constantly subjected to walking on a sidewalk, often with detours, during construction work. While construction sites are supposed to be contained and are supposed to operate within strict safety regulations, accidents can and do happen, particularly by way of falling objects. Often, construction workers will be working high above a sidewalk. Dropped objects can cause serious head injuries that can even be fatal.


Many sidewalks have rules and regulations. One of the most violated rules on the sidewalk is done so by cyclists. Cyclists can cause a variety of different accidents by riding on sidewalks, being a direct impact with a pedestrian or an impact that causes a pedestrian to fall into the road.

Poor Planning

Finally, one major sidewalk flaw can simply be poorly planning. There are many sidewalks that end suddenly, leaving a pedestrian no choice but to cross what could be a very dangerous road or intersection.

Sidewalks have to be kept clear and maintained. When they’re not, accidents can happen. If you or a loved one was been injured in a pedestrian accident, a personal injury attorney may be able to help. Contact The Paris Firm online or call (909) 325-6185 today to schedule your initial consultation.