The lives of two people were tragically cut short as a result of a violent collision between a motorcycle and a motor vehicle in Irwindale, California.

The fatal motorcycle accident went down a short time after midnight on the 14900 block of Los Angeles Street in Irwindale, CA. Two men were on the motorcycle and traveling along the roadway when the bike moved past the parking lot of a local business. At that moment, a woman driving a white Toyota Scion was pulling out of the parking lot and attempting to make a left turn. The Toyota and the motorcycle collided on the road, knocking both men from the bike and onto the pavement.

Other motorists noticed the aftermath of the car crash and dialed 911 to alert local law enforcement. The Irwindale Police Department dispatched several police officers and emergency medical crews to the scene of the accident. Emergency medical responders briefly treated the female motorist at the scene before transporting her to a nearby hospital so that she could receive additional medical treatment. Meanwhile, the two men riding on the motorcycle at the time of the accident were pronounced dead at the scene.

Irwindale CA detectives are actively investigating the motorcycle accident and trying to determine whether anyone was at fault for the fatal crash. At this time, no criminal charges have been filed and no traffic citations have been issued in connection with the accident.

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, it is possible that the family members of the two men who tragically died in the deadly crash will be able to file wrongful death claims for damages. Under California law, a person who lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence can potentially get compensation for their loss.

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