When someone is injured in an accident, the most commonly pursued method of compensation is for the injury itself. But an often over-looked facet in a personal injury lawsuit is the recovery of lost wages. While compensation for medical expenses can be a great help, the amount of time and money lost at work can completely cancel out the benefit.

Even the most basic injuries tend to result in a person missing at least a couple of days of work. Because time is money, the loss of time at work could mean a significant impact on a person’s finances – something that can already make a difficult financial situation even worse.

Recovering lost wages can be simple if the injured party is organized and acts quickly. In general, a good place for an injured person to start is by asking for their superior for a document on company letterhead. This document should detail the injured party’s name, their occupation and position in the company as well as their pay rate. The document should also detail the normal schedule of the injured party and the amount of time missed due to the injury.

It should be noted that self-employed and contracted workers can also attempt to recover lost wages if they have detailed records of their time missed as well. Many injured workers often cut their losses with missed wages because they often just use sick time or vacation time. Even if that is the case, those were days that would have been used as the injured party sees fit.

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