When thinking about a personal injury claim, it is easy to think that whatever accident occurred is the direct cause of injury. Many tend to assume that the victim was in optimal or perfect health prior to the incident.

But if you take a look at your own state of health, you can safely assume that this is most likely not the case. You and many others have probably experienced some injury in the past and many deal with ongoing conditions on a regular basis.

So if you recently experienced a new injury because of an accident, this begs the question as to where your pre-existing condition or injury comes into play with your personal injury lawsuit.

A Pre-existing Condition May Help

At first, you might shy away from a personal injury claim because insurance companies will definitely do their best to pay you as little as possible. This means they will dig through your medical history and try and claim that your new injury is just your old one and that you are trying to take advantage of the accident.

But if you really do have a pre-existing condition, then it will be difficult for an insurance company to make that play. This is because your condition will typically be well documented with plenty of proof of past treatment(s).

This will also make it so you can prove the severity of your condition, in the event your accident made it worse. How much worse the accident made your injury will directly impact the compensation you might be eligible to receive.

For this, details of how your condition affected your life prior to the accident will prove helpful in showing how your condition was aggravated by the accident. Again, this makes complete medical records of your past injuries vital to a successful personal injury lawsuit.

One more piece to the puzzle that will yield success on your behalf is hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Experienced Lawyer Protects Injured California Clients

The right lawyer to help with your personal injury lawsuit is one who understands the intricacies and complexities of a personal injury claim. It becomes even more involved when a pre-existing injury or condition is also in play.

If you or a loved one were injured in California, you can look to The Paris Firm for help. They will know how to make sure your pre-existing condition works in your favor. Just keep in mind that it is important you disclose any and all pertinent information.

Your experienced attorney can then decide how to handle the information and how it will play into the success of your case. The Paris Firm has a track record of success in that regard and can do the same for you.

Whether you were injured in a car or motorcycle accident or because of a slip and fall incident, The Paris Firm can help. They handle the full spectrum of personal injury claims and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

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