A scary car accident on West Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles resulted in significant property damage and at least one serious injury.

The auto accident occurred around 8:00 a.m. near downtown LA, with two motor vehicles reportedly crashing into each other and leaving the roadway. The exact circumstances leading up to the violent collision have not been revealed by authorities, but the aftermath of the car crash was evident: one of the vehicles went off the road and overturned on a sidewalk, while the other vehicle was mangled in the collision and then slammed into the side of a fast-food restaurant. Beyond the damage to the motor vehicles, the car accident caused property damage to a fence bordering homes just off the roadway, a tree, and the base of a traffic light.

After the accident, other motorists and pedestrians who witnessed the crash dialed 911 and alerted local law enforcement. Police officers and firefighters were dispatched to the scene on West Sunset Boulevard, where they saw the outcome of the crash.

Firefighters and emergency medical responders reportedly had to treat at least one of the motorists at the scene. That accident victim was later transported to a local hospital, where they received additional medical treatment for their injuries.

Roads in downtown Los Angeles can be congested and dangerous, particularly during weekday mornings when a lot of people are on their way to work. In this case, the reason for the car accident is still not clear. Depending on the outcome of an investigation, it is possible that one or both of the motorists involved in the crash could be cited for traffic violations. Additionally, it is possible that the person injured in the accident could file a personal injury lawsuit in the event that the other driver is found to have acted negligently while operating their vehicle.

For additional information, view the Washington Times article, “1 Injured in Violent Traffic Crash near Downtown Los Angeles.”


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