Nationwide statistics have increasingly shown a conclusive link between using a cell phone while driving and being involved in a motor vehicle collision. In response to this dangerously growing trend, several states have passed legislation to prevent the risky behavior and reduce the prevalence of accidents.

Cell Phone-related Car Collisions In California

California’s laws prohibit the use of handheld cell phones for all drivers, and they restrict the use of wireless cell phones to drivers over the age of 18. It is against the law to attempt to text message while driving in the state. If police responding to the car accident determine you’ve broken this law, then it’s possible that you will receive a ticket or fine for the violation. It’s possible for all victims injured in the accident to seek financial compensation from you in court. You will be held legally liable for all damages and losses incurred by those involved in the crash, and most insurance companies will increase premiums when it’s determined that you were at fault due to your cell phone use.

Liability for trucking accidents that occur while on a business-related phone may fall on the employer’s shoulders, so many trucking companies have implemented their own rules and regulations restricting cell phone use while working.

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