There is a lot that can go through your mind after being involved in an automobile accident. From the physical damage to your car to the monetary issues you will face afterward, it is possible that any injuries you may have suffered will not even be noticeable at first. However, what may have seemed like just a minor fender bender may possibly lead to more serious health issues if not properly treated. That is why it is imperative to document and pay attention to any and all injuries you may have suffered to not only protect your physical well-being but to protect any legal rights you may have in the future as well.

The Adrenaline After Being Involved in an Accident

If you have ever been involved in an accident you know that it can be an extremely traumatic and stressful experience. Your heart races and you can feel the adrenaline and excitement rush through your body despite the fact that it is an unfortunate situation to be in. It is in this heightened state that many people do not even realize the extent of their injuries yet, mostly because of all of the other emotions and feelings that they are experiencing at the same time. It is very common that it is not until much later that they even realize they were hurt. This is why it is important to know that just because you may feel totally okay immediately following the accident that does not mean you were able to escape without injury completely. Once your body returns to its’ normal state you may feel the injuries that you were not able to feel before.

“Soft Tissue” Injuries Suffered After an Accident

Any injury suffered that does not involve any of your bones can be considered a soft tissue injury. This could include any injuries to muscles, ligaments, and/or your tendons. Even accidents that occur when both cars are traveling at low speeds can lead to soft tissue damage, as no matter how slow you are going these are still extremely heavy vehicles colliding when they were not expected to. It is in these collisions that a common injury such as whiplash can happen, which is when the neck muscles are quickly and unexpectedly sent forward and back due to the impact. Muscles are not supposed to move in this way, and doing so can result in swelling and pain felt days and even possibly weeks afterward. Again, this shows the importance of recording your injuries and getting medical treatment as soon as you experience any of these symptoms.


The severity of concussions is something that is being studied every day and it is very important to pay attention to any of the possible signs that you have suffered one. Concussions are caused by your brain hitting your skull with great impact and being involved in a car accident is a common way to cause you to get one. A list of symptoms that are associated with having a concussion are:

  • Headaches
  • Clouded vision and/or thinking
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Inability to remember new information or to concentrate

If you feel any of these symptoms at all after being in an automobile accident make sure to seek out medical treatment as soon as possible as you may have suffered a concussion.

Seeing a Doctor Immediately After Your Accident

Regardless of whether you are suffering any physical injuries or not after a car accident, it is best practice to go see a doctor as soon as possible just to get looked at. Not only will a doctor be able to check out and find any and all injuries you may have and tell you how to monitor them but they will also help you to have it all documented in the future in case you plan on taking legal action someday. In addition, it can only make it harder to prove that you were injured if you try to make the case that you were hurt in an accident but never went to a doctor for any of your symptoms

Whatever You Do, Do Not Settle Your Case Right Away

Insurance companies are not concerned with your well-being, they are concerned with paying out as little as they have to as legally possible. It is for these reasons they will often offer you a settlement immediately after an accident to try and avoid a long drawn out legal process and to have this matter settled quickly. Doing so before you have found out the extent of your injuries could lead you to receive far less compensation than you deserve, and signing the waiver can stop you from pursuing any further legal action in the future.

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