An accident at the intersection of East Eight Mile Road and Hildreth Lane has reportedly left a bicyclist severely injured after being struck down by a car. According to an official report, an unidentified driver struck down the bicyclist in a silver sedan before fleeing the scene. Paramedics and local law enforcement responded to the scene of the accident, bringing medical attention to the victim and clearing the area.

Details regarding exactly what caused the crash have not officially been released, nor has the identity of the victim. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital to treat the major injuries sustained in the accident.

More details about the accident are currently under investigation.

As vehicles dominate the road, bicyclists are often the victims of major and minor accidents. Despite the fact that most roads have a designated lane for cyclists, distracted and reckless drivers often disregard precautions in place. In fact, according to studies released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 1,100 bicyclists are killed in each year. Bicycle-related injuries send over 494,000 to the emergency room each year.

Bicyclists often rely on their bicycle as a form of transportation. Injuries sustained in an accident could greatly affect their ability to ride and get around. If a bicycle is their primary form of transportation, it can result in lost wages or employment. When a bicyclist is injured in a car accident, the driver is almost always to blame. Be it by driving recklessly, distracted, intoxicated or simply inconsiderate, these drivers put bicyclists in danger every day. Nobody should have to suffer catastrophic injury because of their negligence.

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