Authorities are reporting that a deadly crash involving an Orange Country Transportation Authority public bus and a sedan resulted in the injury of over 15 passengers and the death of the sedan driver. Anaheim authorities say the crash occurred at 11:15a.m. on Harbor Boulevard when a southbound sedan hastily crossed into the path of the bus in the northbound lane, crashing head-on. . Witnesses told police the driver of the Toyota Avalon was driving southbound when he haphazardly crossed into the northbound lane and hit the oncoming bus as it was leaving the pickup curb.

The driver, whose name is being withheld until further notice, was about 60 years old according to witnesses. Witnesses also have reason to believe that the driver was “experiencing some kind of medical emergency” that led to him crossing lanes so suddenly, ultimately causing the fatal accident. Over 15 passengers in the bus sustained what police referred to as “minor injuries” defined as mostly bumps and bruising, with no cases of anything severe beyond that. Fourteen passengers were taken to a hospital for treatment while a few others resolved to treat their injuries using other methods.

The accident led to the closure of all north and southbound lanes between Vermont and Ball Avenue for about six hours.

Everyday, people rely on public transportation in lieu of more conventional modes of transportation, such as a car or truck. Be it as an alternative to driving to reduce hassle or out of necessity, public transport is usually seen as a safe and uneventful way to get to the places one needs or wants to go. So then it’s only natural then that when an accident occurs, it can be quite stirring to victims regardless of the size of their injuries. Even when classified as “minor injuries”, injuries can be traumatic to a victim. Be it through the inconvenience of lost time in the hospital or hospital bills that can be very high even for the smallest injuries, it could feel as though there’s no recourse. And that’s not even taking into account other injuries one could sustain as a result of the accident.

In some cases, there’s no such thing as a small injury. If you or a loved one have experienced an injury involved in a car or bus accident and are left holding the bag for a hospital bill you didn’t ask for, you should contact and experienced personal injury attorney today. At The Paris Firm, we can help. Contact The Paris Firm now to schedule a free initial consultation.