Spinal cord injuries are among some of the worst injuries to deal with – for both the injured, and the family and friends of the injured. Often leaving the victim with some form of paralysis, they can be detrimental to those dealing with it in any shape or form. Knowing the type of injuries, though, will help to leave those affected by the issue in much better hands, as they will be more well informed when and if the problems needs to be handled. In essence, there are three different primary spinal cord injuries: Tetraplegia, Triplegia, and Paraplegia – all of which will be broken down below.


Tetraplegia is often referred to as one of the most severe forms of spinal cord injury, as it is likely to leave the injured paralyzed in most, if not all limbs, to a varying degree. This type of spinal cord injury is typically regarded as the injury that causes paralyses from a certain part of the body down. This includes both movements of certain parts of the body, along with control of other parts; including but not limited to bowel movement and the bladder. In most cases, tetraplegia injuries that occur higher up on the cervical spinal cord will likely prove to be more severe in terms of symptoms.


Triplegia is a type of spinal cord injury that typically results from an incomplete spinal cord injury. Simply put, an incomplete spinal cord injury is one of which only part of the spinal cord is severed, normally resulting in a lesser degree of paralysis. Triplegia specifically causes the loss of movement in a single arm and both legs. This is normally regarded as one of the less serious forms of a “serious” spinal cord injury.


Paraplegia is often regarded as a serious form of spinal cord injury, resulting in the paralysis of the victim’s legs. This type of injury will result in a loss of sensation and movement alike on the lower half of the affected body. Very similar to that of the tetraplegia injury, the higher up on the cervical spinal cord this occurs, the more likely it will be to see worse symptoms.

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