After a car accident, you may worry about how to pay the bills from the crash—especially if you’re also struggling to recover from a serious injury. Here are five “best practices” for obtaining successful results from a car accident lawsuit.

#1  Be proactive at the scene.

Take photos, draw diagrams, gather contact information from witnesses and others involved in the accident. Cooperate with police and ask them to create a police report of the accident. This information can all help you build your injury claim.

#2   Stick to the facts.

When talking about the accident to police or insurance adjusters, stick to the facts—where you were, where the other car was, how fast you were going, the time and day, etc. Don’t try to assess your own injuries; see a doctor for that.

#3  See a doctor right away.

Even if you think your injuries are minor or nonexistent, see a doctor as soon as you can. Your doctor can assess both visible and hidden injuries and put you on a treatment plan that gives you the best chance at healing fully.

#4  Assess your case’s full worth.

The value of your claim includes not only property damage or bills for injuries you’ve suffered, but also items like the costs of replacing a vehicle or receiving future medical care and support for lingering problems. If you’re not sure how to assess the full value of your claim, don’t hesitate to talk to an experienced lawyer.

#5  Practice patience.

Insurance companies often make very low first offers—or try to deny liability altogether. If you need help negotiating, talk to an experienced lawyer.

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