On May 8th, 2017, two Department of Water and Power workers were injured on the job in Los Angeles, California. The incident took place on 400 S. Hoover St. around 12 o’clock on Monday afternoon. The two workers were rescued by paramedics, and were rushed to a nearby hospital to treat them. The incident happened while working in a subterranean electrical vault near Echo Park.

Both workers faced a few different injuries on the job, though neither of the identities have been released by authorities. One of the workers suffered an injury due to coming in contact with energized electrical equipment, and is being treated for it. The other worker sustained burn injuries from the incident. Currently, both Department of Water and Power employees are being treated in the hospital. One of the workers is reported to be in grave condition, and the other worker is said to be in serious condition because of their injuries.

Because of the incident, there was a small power outage on the scene at Echo Park. At the moment, the crews working there are trying to “restore the circuit as soon as possible,” according to DWP. No details have emerged since, though authorities are still looking as to how exactly the injuries were caused and what sparked the incident. It is assumed the two workers were unaware of any problem the energized electrical equipment before the incident.

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