Motorcyclists have the same rights and responsibilities on California roadways as car or truck drivers – and drivers have the same responsibility to stay alert in order to spot motorcyclists on the road and avoid an accident. Here are four ways to improve your driving habits to help keep motorcyclists safer.

1.) Practice Spotting Motorcyclists.

Motorcycles are smaller than cars, which can make it harder to spot them on a busy street. As a result, the majority of motorcycle crashes involve a driver who says they “just didn’t see” the motorcycle until it was too late.

To fight this effect and help reduce crash risks, practice watching the road carefully. As the billboards recommend, “Look twice – save a life.

2.) Avoid Distracted Driving.

Minimizing distractions not only helps you avoid a motorcycle crash: It can help you avoid other types of vehicle accidents as well. Focus on keeping your eyes, thoughts, and hands on the task of driving. Pull over to use your cell phone, or ask someone else in the vehicle to handle tasks like navigation or changing the radio station.

3.) Give Motorcycles Their “bubble.”

Motorcycles are skinnier than cars, but attempting to drive alongside one in the same lane puts both you and the motorcyclist at serious risk for an accident. Instead, follow or go ahead of a motorcycle just as you would a car or truck. In addition, give motorcycles additional following room: A bike can stop more quickly than your car, which can lead to you rear-ending the motorcyclist if you are following too closely.

4.) Become a Master of Checking Your Blind Spot.

You already know that your vehicle’s blind spot can partly or totally hide another car – which means it can also completely hide a motorcycle, which is much smaller. Make checking your blind spot a habit by turning your head and looking before you change lanes. Doing so could easily save a life.

When drivers focus on sharing the road safely with motorcycles, both drivers and bikers stay safer – and when a crash occurs, working with an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer can help you protect your rights and secure the compensation you need. To learn more, contact The Paris Firm at 909.551.4040 or via our online contact form today.

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