Bicycle accidents are an everyday occurrence in California. Thousands of the state’s residents ride their bikes to work, school or for exercise, and too often cyclists are injured in accidents due to vehicles not respecting their presence on the road.

If you have had a bicycle accident, it could not only be the fault of a driver, but the city in which you live in. The city of San Diego was found negligent in its upkeep of its sidewalks after a cyclist was injured in a bike accident. The cyclist endured torn spinal cord ligaments and was awarded $4.85 million in a settlement with the city.

Not all cyclist injured in an accident will receive such a large settlement. However, if you are in a bicycle accident, by following these tips you may receive compensation for your injuries.

Call the police

Experts say that most bicycle accidents do not involve vehicles. In 2015, a Virginia woman was awarded $300,000 after colliding with a runner on a local greenway trail. The runner did not notify the cyclists behind him he was about to turn around, and when he did so, the crash occurred.

If you are in bicycle accident, be sure to call for the police. Neither you nor the other person in the collision should leave. If the other person doesn’t want to stick around, do everything you can to keep them there. If they attempt to drive off, in the case of being hit by a vehicle, get the person’s license plate number.

Do not negotiate with the person. When the police arrive, if you were hit by a car, the driver may be ticketed. This can help you if a lawsuit is filed.

Make a statement

Be sure to speak to the police officer on the scene and get your version of the events taken down. Sometimes police may not ask for a cyclist’s statement. If this is the case, be sure to do everything you can to get them to take it.

Get witnesses

It is important that you speak to those that saw the accident. Get their telephone numbers, addresses and names, so you can contact them later on. Their version of the events could back up your story.

Get photographs

After the accident you need to document what happened through photograph. Take pictures of your injuries, your bike and equipment, the automobile and the area where it happened. Make notes in a notebook as well about the situation, which will allow you to recall the information at a later date.

Medical treatment

Regardless of the injuries you incur during the bike accident, you should seek medical treatment. Minor injuries can turn into larger problems if left unattended. These injuries can become more costly later on.

When you seek medical treatment be sure to note down all of your doctor visits, the distance travelled to get help and any days missed from work. You can obtain compensation for these areas.

The Paris Firm

If you or a loved one has experienced a bicycle accident and the injuries that result from one, the Paris Firm may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. The Paris Firm specializes in personal injury law and can give you advice on compensation if you have been injured by a negligent driver, runner or poorly maintained city street. Visit our dedicated page on bicycle accidents or contact us directly. The Paris Firm is here to help with all your personal injury law needs.