A 25-year-old man, now identified as James Andrew Johnson, was tragically killed in a fatal car accident according to Hacienda Heights authorities. The tragedy unfolded when Johnson was skateboarding along the sidewalk at 12:10p.m. when he came upon the intersection of Hacienda Blvd and Haliburton Road. Upon crossing the intersection, Johnson was stuck down by an oncoming driver in a 2013 Hyundai Elantra.

Authorities have identified the driver as 22-year-old Hacienda resident Samantha Mendoza. In an official statement, Mendoza claims Johnson had been skateboarding along the sidewalk before crossing paths with the car suddenly. She states that Johnson had crossed the intersection though the signal cautioned him to wait. Mendoza reportedly stopped the vehicle upon hitting him and attempted to aid the victim but to no avail. Johnson was declared dead at the scene by paramedics who had later arrived at the scene. Meanwhile, Mendoza sustained no injuries and was ultimately physically unharmed by the incident.

Los Angeles County Coroner Captain John Kades revealed the autopsy results, citing Johnson’s cause of death as a result of “multiple traumatic injuries.”. Efforts have been made to raise money for the victim’s family to ease the costs. While Mendoza has cooperated with authorities giving her full account of the incident, exact details are still being investigated. No charges have been pressed at this time.

In a country that is overwhelmingly dominated by cars; pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, and other people who use alternative transportation are constantly at risk. Even when all parties involved are at their most careful state, all it takes to severely injure or sadly, kill a person is ill timing or carelessness. Even the most careful drivers and pedestrians can simply find themselves in a badly timed incident. The results of which are almost always tragic. The Governor’s Highway association reports that over 700 pedestrians are killed annually in California. A fraction of which includes skateboarders. Statistics show that the number of these deaths has been growing steadily over the years with not real signs on slowing down, despite authorities’ best efforts.

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