If you have lost a limb, you know this is an extremely significant injury. It’s impossible to place a dollar amount on the dramatic change that amputation makes on both physical and mental perspectives. For many reasons, an amputee victim who’s lost his or her limb or limbs because of someone else’s negligence needs an experienced personal injury attorney to guide them through the filing of a personal injury claim.

If someone else’s negligence has cost the use of your limbs, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to recover costs of medical care, lost income and wages, and pain and suffering. Let’s consider at least four helpful resources The Paris Firm can offer to amputee victims:

1. We’re here for you as you’re working to overcome big obstacles in spite of pain and depress. Our goal is to do everything to help you, physically and emotionally, move forward with your life. We’ll focus on developing your legal claim. Together, our joint efforts can help you stay as productive and positive as you can be.

2. We’re also here to help you resolve the additional problems and issues of adjusting to life as an amputee. You may need hospital care, psychotherapy, or pain medications to manage the extreme emotional loss of losing a limb.

3. It may be possible for you to access funds before the resolution of your legal claim. Our team goes to work to get early settlements and supplemental funding you need.

4. As our client, you can expect our dedication. We’ll dedicate our extensive resources to strengthen your cause. We’ll use our legal experience and the nuances of the law to get the best possible outcome. We’ll help you connect with support networks available for amputees, such as the AmputeeCoalition.org.

An accident that causes an amputation or loss of limb is an extremely serious matter. You need an experienced California personal injury lawyer on your side now. Don’t wait. Contact our experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys at The Paris Firm to schedule an initial case evaluation.