The brain can receive several different types of injuries caused by physical force, lack of blood or oxygen, disease, drugs, birth trauma, and age. Damage to the brain can cause physical disabilities, memory loss, difficulties with speech and language, and changes in behavior.


A concussion is caused when the brain suffers an impact or a sudden change in direction, like a direct blows to the head, gunshot wounds, violent shaking of the head, or the force from a whiplash injury. A concussion is the most common type of traumatic brain injury and it can take from a few months to a few years for a concussion to heal.


A contusion is a bruise (bleeding) on the brain and is often caused by a direct hit to the head.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are caused by outside physical forces or motion. The three most common types are:

  • Closed Brain Injury – When the head hits an object (like a car windshield) and brain is damaged by the violent smashing, shaking, and twisting. Closed brain injuries usually result in disabilities.
  • Open (Penetrating) Brain Injury – When an object (like a bullet or knife) fractures the skull, enters and injures the brain. This type of injury often affects only a small portion of the brain and result in disabilities that can be predicted
  • Acquired Brain Injury – When damage is caused by swelling, bleeding, disease or lack of oxygen to the brain and can result in physical disabilities, memory loss, difficulties with speech and language, and changes in behavior

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a criminal act that causes traumatic brain injury. When a baby or young child is shaken, the whiplash motion causes the blood vessels between the brain and skull tear, bleeding then puts pressure on the brain, while the injury causes the brain to swell, damaging the brain cells. Shaken Baby Syndrome can cause seizures, lifelong disability, coma, and death.

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