Every year, millions of dollars are won in settlements across the United States in slip and fall cases. Although slip and fall cases are fun to joke about, they are extremely serious; and people can be severely hurt when they occur.

Slip and fall cases can be filed as a premise liability case, and the business, organization or group overseeing the premise can be held accountable for your medical bills. In April 2016, a Las Vegas court awarded a local woman $16.4 million after she slipped and fell at a Lowes store. The woman had hit her head on concrete after slipping on the wet pavement in the garden center.


Slip and falls are unexpected. Regardless of the place of business or the area you are in a slip and fall can take place. Cities across the US have faced lawsuits in the past for poorly maintained sidewalks, while restaurants or major store chains have been sued for negligent maintenance of their premises.

How much is my slip and fall worth?

Not all slip and fall accidents are worth as much as the one from Las Vegas. The compensation you receive depends on the injuries that you sustain and the medical bills you receive. You must also consider how much work you missed and the wages you didn’t receive due to the accident.

Medical bills

Experts say that your slip and fall compensation should be worth the same amount as your medical bills. It is important to save any bill you obtain for treatment, and it is advised to keep track of the trips you make to receive that treatment. You can get compensation for driving to the appointments if they are out of your daily or weekly routine.

In some cases, you can be entitled to more compensation based on pain and suffering. This can be additional money that covers any mental or physical anguish you go through.

Employment and wages

When calculating compensation, your employment and wages will be taken into account. If you miss work and did not receive your regular pay check, you can be compensated by a court. Be sure to note down any days missed from work and to get your employer to verify the amount of money lost.

There is also a chance your earning capabilities can be damaged due to the slip and fall accident. This will prevent you from making a good living as you grow older. Courts will take earning capabilities into account when deciding on a case.

The Paris Firm

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