Few things are more exciting than buying a new car. Even under the worst circumstances, it’s a fresh start in a new ride. It’s also a worthy investment especially if it’s going to be a primary form of transportation. When shopping for a new car, most people look for the obvious things. The right price is normally the starting point, followed by the style, color, and of course, reliability. But if you’re shopping for a car, it always pays to look for a vehicle that’s safe. Below are some safety tips to keep in mind when buying a car:

Do Your Research

Have a specific car in mind? Take the time to do as much research as possible. The Internet alone is full of free forums and resources including reviews, complaints and common issues a car can have. All makes and models of any car tend to have some kind of issue they’re prone to. It could be as simple as belts that wear out quickly or as serious as various engine and transmission issues. Learn about these issues and how frequently they occur to determine if the make and model you have in mind is safe.

Run A Vehicle Report

The age of the Internet has made finding the history of a car very accessible. Though not often free, it’s a great investment if you think you’ve found the car for you. A car report will detail the list of recorded owners, accidents, and in some cases the maintenance the car has been through over the years. Most dealers and private sellers may have this on hand – ask about it.

Test The Safety Features

A car should always be taken for a test drive before buying to determine the ride and stability of the car. Keep an ear out for any ornery sounds and look for signs of strange operation. Test the brakes in a safe manner to ensure they are functional, as well as the lights, turn signals, and wipers. You should never overlook features like seatbelts either: test the clasps and give the belts a firm tug to ensure they are working properly. Check the tire pressure of the vehicle, and look for any signs of wear.

Have The Car Inspected

Even if a car looks absolutely perfect on the outside, try and push for a car inspection before buying. Many cars, especially privately sold ones, can have issues under the hood that could put you and your loved ones in danger. These issues can easily be identified by an experienced mechanic and could make for a much safer car buying experience.

Meet In A Public Setting, Avoid Cash

If buying the car form a private party, meet in a safe, public setting to ensure added safety. If possible, avoid cash and opt instead for another form of payment such as check, card, or cashier’s check. This precaution could improve your personal safety in the event the person selling the car has other motives.

With all the exciting features and styles cars have, it could be easy to overlook the car safety. This should be the first priority. But despite best efforts, sometimes a car can turn out to have issues that were unforeseen. These issues can cause catastrophic or life-threatening injuries.

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