A recent rash of amusement park accidents throughout the United States has led to greater scrutiny of theme park operators in California.
A 10-year-old boy died earlier this summer while riding a water slide at a Kansas waterpark. The boy was reportedly decapitated in the horrific accident.

Not long after the tragic Kansas waterpark accident, three young girls sustained significant physical injuries after falling from a Ferris wheel at a Tennessee carnival.

Safety Inspections of Amusement Park Rides in California

Although most amusement park rides are safe for theme park visitors, the reality is that some of these rides do pose serious safety risks – especially with site operators going to greater lengths to excite visitors with roller coasters that twist and turn and jerk the people on board.

The truth is that the degree of regulation of amusement park rides varies among the states, with federal oversight practically nonexistent in this area. (At present, the federal government only oversees traveling carnival rides that cross interstate lines.)

California, the home of Disneyland, has laws in place to protect amusement park customers. In California, state-approved safety inspectors take a close, hard look at all rides before giving theme park operators the okay to open the ride to the public. However, even these safety checks don’t necessarily guarantee that a ride is completely safe. Sometimes, a roller coaster accident can occur because the person operating the ride isn’t properly trained or otherwise acts negligently.

The need for greater oversight and tighter regulation of amusement park rides – even in California – is greater than ever. Accounting for the recent tragedies in Kansas and Tennessee, there have been 29 deaths on amusement park rides since 2010, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

For additional information, check out the Yahoo.com article, “Amusement Ride Safety Story.”

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