Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for a kid. Free candy, costumes, and other events make it a day specifically made for them. But having fun is only possible as long as children are staying safe. Below are eight tips to ensure a safe Halloween.

1.) Trick or Treat When It’s Safe

Most kids think that trick-or-treating only starts when it’s dark out. However, trick-or-treating at dusk is much safer as it’s easier to keep track of kids – in many cases, there’s even more candy to go around!

2.) Maximize Visibility

Kids tend to lean more towards the scariest costumes they can find. As a general rule, these costumes feature very dark colors. While they may be effective at being scary, their low visibility in the dark can make them dangerous, especially if they are too close to the road where a potential car accident could occur. If a costume is too dark to see in low light, using objects like reflective tape or tags could help greatly improve visibility while still maintaining a good looking costume.

3.) Trick-or-Treat in Groups

Kids should never roam around alone on Halloween. Find a trusted group of friends or trusted adults to monitor or stay with kids while they trick or treat. This way, a kid could avoid getting lost or lured into a dangerous situation.

4.) Stick to the Sidewalk

Many children will literally take to the streets do their trick-or-treating. However, it is important to remind them that the rules of the road, barring a closure, do not change. Children should take care to use the sidewalk and only cross the street when it’s safe to do so.

5.) Beware Ill-Fitting Costumes

Costumes generally come in odd, vague sizes that are meant to fit people by age range rather than actual fit. When choosing a costume, ensure that it fits the child well. Loose fitting costumes could result in tripping, falling, and getting trapped on various hazards. Making a costume safe can be as easy as trimming loose ends.

6.) Avoid Dark Homes

There are homes that simply choose not to participate in Halloween. It’s worth reminding a child to avoid dark areas or homes with their lights off. Approaching these homes can be dangerous at worst and bothersome at best.

7.) Mind Choking Hazards

While most families give candy, other families will throw in small toys like plastic rings and other novelties. These novelties, while fun, can also be serious choking hazards. Instruct a child to wait before eating the candy they receive. Sorting through the candy can be done together. It would be fun for the child to see all their candy and a good activity to separate the safe from the unsafe.

8.) Avoid Strangers

There will be many out and about trick or treating. While a child will compliment costumes, they should be instructed to refrain from talking to strangers or otherwise going off with people they do not know. Reminding children to stay together can help ensure a safe Halloween for all involved.

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